At the date of writing, Caravel Minerals is aware of the following analysts who currently provide research coverage on the Company. To obtain independent commentary on the Company, please contact the respective analyst(s) directly.

Publisher Analyst Contact Download
Independent Investment Research Mark Gordon +61 (2) 8001 6693 Rights Issue Offer Document – Aug 2018
Redleaf Securities Colin McLelland +61 439 412 537 Quarterly Report – June 2018
State One Stockbroking Peter Kopetz +61 (8) 9288 3347 Annual Report – October 2017

​​Caravel Minerals takes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the material contained in reports which are compiled by independent analysts.

Caravel Minerals does not endorse in any respect the information, including, but not limited to, analyses or projections contained in reports.

“Experienced key personnel with skin in the game: The Board and Management have extensive technical and corporate experience in the resources sector, and collectively hold 10.6% of the shares in Caravel – we consider this significant, aligning the requirements of company personnel with those of the shareholders.”

“The timing is right: A number of analysts and forecasters expect copper prices to recover from the current low levels to a long term price of close to or above US$3.00lb from 2020, with the long lasting decline in prices now appearing to have bottomed out – this aligns with timeframes for the potential development of Calingiri.”

IIR Research Note September 2016