Environment, Heritage and Native Title gDesign 31 December 2022

Environment, Heritage and Native Title

Our Commitment

Caravel Minerals Limited (Caravel) is committed to minimising our impacts on the natural environment. Caravel will work closely with State and Federal regulators to agree what impacts Caravel will have on the environment we work in and how we most effectively minimise, mitigate and remediate the effects of our projects and operations on the environment.

Our Strategy

Caravel will do the following:

  • Complete comprehensive studies to understand the baseline natural environment, heritage landscape and native title context associated with our projects.
  • Implement an effective Health, Safety, Environment, Community and Quality (HSECQ) Management System to identify and manage our environment, heritage and native title risks set appropriate targets and improve our performance by focusing on:
    Minimising pollution, emissions and impacts on heritage values 
    Protecting ecological integrity, and 
    Conserving and minimising the use of natural resources
  • Work with stakeholders to identify opportunities to improve environmental performance or rectify environmental damage caused to the environment.
  • Where specific conditions have been placed on Caravel’s project areas by any regulatory body, whether in relation to the environment, heritage or native title, the board and management will use their best endeavours to ensure that such conditions are fully complied with.
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